Parish Directory/Directorio Parroquial

Pastoral Advisory Council: Lilia Rodela 210-663-9274

Finance Council: Adrianna Rocha 210-623-3970

Religious Education Council:  Quena Chavez 210-623-3970

Run For Human Need Chair: Dieudonne Jaosidy J 210-204-8103

Holy Win: Christina Uvalle 210-409-0983

Trick or Trunk & Altarcitos:  Carmen Zavalla 956-251-7099

Parish Ministries & Organizations


A.C.T.S Core:  Wilbert Villamil 210-378-3925

 Altar Society: Debbie Chavarria 210-288-1935

Altar Servers:                                                       

Bible Study: Rose Llano 210- 623-3970      

Archbishop Appeal: Agustin Llano 210-623-3970

Youth Group and Sweet Sixteen Formation: 

Lilia Rodela 210-663-9274

Young Adult: Shasha Medina 210-763-2709

Guadalupanos: Sughey Ibarra 210-601-0539

Holy Name Society: Joel Moreno 210-307-9145/210-623-3450

Couples for Christ: Jet Licon 915-309-3498

Narcotics Anonymous: Jesse Herrera 210-512-0932

Way: Roger Enriquez 210- 313-5165

Vocation: Maria Tapia 210-909-2215

Pilgrimage Tours: Rosa Balderas 210-608-6078 

Recreation (Volleyball): Adrianna Bermea 210-382-5902

Community Action Group (COPS):  Juan Elias 210-355-8228

Food Pantry: Norma Saucedo 210-776-2406

Ministry to the Sick (Homebound): Silvia Pérez 210-908-0167

Pro-Life (womb to tomb): Araceli Guerra 210-514-6752

Eucharist Ministers and Lectors Ministers:

8:00a.m. Ariana Cruz 210-367-3895

12:00 a.m.  Angie Panatex 210-875-9619


Greeters & Ushers:

8 a.m. Lois Covalt 210-218-6600

12p.m. Steve Garcia 210-387-0809


8 a.m. Paloma Goede 210-326-1849

12p.m. Madeline Panatex 210-989-0731

12p.m.  Frank Licon 915-309-1678

Updated: October 15, 2019

Organizaciones y Ministros Parroquiales

Hombres  de A.C.T.S.: Marcelino Urbina 210--374-4186

Mujeres de A.C.T.S.: Christina Uvalle 210-409-0983

Cenáculo de la Divina Misericordia:  Silvia Pérez 210-908-0167

Pro-Vida (Immigracion) Araceli Guerra 210-514-6752

Comunidad de Agua Viva: Manuel Lopez 210-719-7366


Grupo de Oración: Rodolfo Ibarra 210-380-3317

Guadalupanos: Maria 

Ministerio de Biblia: Evelia Martinez 210-748-6595

Sociedad del Altar: Debbie Chavarria 210-288-1935

Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada Comunión:

Eucaristía: Villalpando 210-459-2356

Lectores: Wilber Villamil 210-378-3925



Coro Divina Providencia: Rodolfo Ibarra 210-380-3317

Coro Emmanuel: Maria Aguilar 210-643-9118

Coro Fiat: Astrid Tapia 210-459-3766



Monaguillos: Alma Gutiérrez 210-781-9357

Maria Saucedo 210-793-5681

Ujieres: Abel Padilla 210-595-7604

Ministerio Juvenil Grupo Juvenil: Lilia Rodela 210-663-9274

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