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Lenten Message 2016

Lent is coming and we are ready to refocus ourselves to God. I could not think of a catchy phrase to add interest for our Lenten preparation. Like the phrase of, "Don't give up Chocolate this lent." It is quite interesting what the author wants us to know. The author is telling us not to take superficial spiritual exercises for mere doing it but to have a meaningful one.

I could not think what would be a meaningful Lent for us. I know that the church provides us some opportunity to take time with God. It might not the best for some but having a meaningful journey with God requires personal homework.

The marking of the Ash will be given four time this coming Wednesday. We have 6:30 am, 8:00 am, 12 noon and 7:00 pm. Stations of the Cross will call all ministries to lead the prayer. We assigned two ministries every Friday and we will pray in Bilingual. The 30 minute session before the Mass every weekend will nourish us in many ways.

The live stations of the cross is another way to relive the life of Jesus. We certainly need people to fulfill the work. I know that there are great things upon us. Oftentimes, we are confronted on how we manage well our time.

Thank you parents for being example to your children. I know that you have sacrifice a lot. Faith is a best gift you can provide to your children that give light to their way in this world desperate for love, peace and joy. Confusion and doubts are always invitation to grow in spirituality.

May all of us have a meaningful Lent.

God bless

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