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                   Parish Festival  

We are scheduled on Sept. 1, 2019.


Team Coordinators

Jose Gonzalez 210-275-2678

Jose Casarez 210-264-1492

Raffle Ticket: Mary Ann Montoya 210-386-9380

Finance Committee: Rosario Casarez

Entertainment:  Alvaro Gutierrez 

Set-up/Restoration:  Jose Guadalajara 210-389-4473

                                 Mark Sonnen 210-367-5507

Sanitation/Security:   Agua Viva Ministry                                      Games: Youth Group and Young Adults

T-shirts:  Lucy and Francisco Castillo 210-461-9748             


Discern and choose the committee that

you will help this coming 2019 Festival.


Contact the person you’d like to help in listed above.

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